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Customs clearance of goods in international transport

Customs clearance

DiN&Co provides the widest variety of services in customs clearance of international transport. We are able to answer to all requests of the modern market and provide a complete service in one place.

Highway transport

International road transport is one of our main focuses, where we, as was said above, provide complete service in import and export of goods, and give timely information about the status of the shipment.

Dinco avio transport

Aero and ship transport.
We organize import and export transport of goods via aeroplanes and ships , for all destinations.


Automobile customs clearance

Dinco clearance cars

DiN&Co has a decades-old experience in this business branch, specialized staff and a fast and cheap service. The longstanding dedication to this segment, has made our company provide top service.
Dinko clearance cars


Import and export of goods

Dinco customs clearance

Import and export of goods has always been a problematical question for a majority of people. That is, the inability to find the right help, at the right time, at the right price.

Dinco road transport

The main advantage of DiN&Co freight forwarder (spedition) is a fast and well-coordinated team, which very easily solves any taska given to us by our clients or problems that arise. As a small company, we treat all of our clients equally, and solve every problem fast and efficient.

Dinko avio transport

We cover all types of import and export, for all types of goods/merchandise, in any time of day or year. For any types of question you can contact us under CONTACT.